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kinda off topic but please help me>>

I have emailed the technorati team many times but reciever no response.Everytime I hit the quick claim button I recieve this message "There was a problem claiming your blog. Please try again in a few minutes. You can also go to Technorati Help >> for help claiming your blog."in red letters.I have tried all the suggestions mentions in the help which include feed validator,wc3 validator,and manual pinging.Please help me with this matter.


A reply to Pete's offr-topic comment re. Technorati:

I think that Technorati is juvenile and hypocritical. Google does a much better job of indexing and tracking blogs and with Google we do not have to sign-up and claim our blogs (we waste less time). Technorati makes its money from advertising on content generated for free by its members and it requires its members to waste time jumping through hoops. Technorati is just another parasite promoting a community business model in which it takes the fruit of free and grossly underpaid labour, and it discriminates against advertising on blogs while raking in the proceeds of advertising. As far as its editors go (the ones who screen blogs), my 7th-grade English teacher once said, "Who has ever heard of an intelligent editor."

Technorati is just another aggregator and contains very little original content of its own -- and that "content of it own" is almost invariably trivial.

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