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Jeff Hammerbacher

Hey Adam,

Mosoto is actually built using the Facebook API, and is not affiliated with Facebook otherwise.


Adam Hertz

Thanks, Jeff. Yes, I saw that it'd been built on the API, which is awesome! But when Facebook promoted it prominently on the home page, I assumed Facebook had launched it. Thanks for the correction.

Paul Chung

Hey Adam,

Thanks for checking us out! I hope you were able to get a good feel for Mosoto and what it can do. We are currently developing some major changes that should be very exciting! Any input you would like to give us would be invaluable to us.

Thanks again,


Looks like Mosoto is going in new direction. Social filesharing and music for Facebook. Check out the screencast at http://www.mosoto.com


Hey, thanks for the update.

Paul Chung

Wow Adam, you're really quick!

We have been thinking in this direction for a while, and started working on it a couple months ago. We are currently simultaneously testing and developing, and hopefully we will launch sometime next month!

Once again, if you have any questions, don't hesistate to email me.

Team Mosoto


What a joy to find seoonme else who thinks this way.

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